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Name Phone Email Location Content
2 months ago (2018-03-26 00:02:38 +0400) 83789275337 Croatia Edit Delete
2 months ago (2018-03-25 18:34:58 +0400) 81935998256 Croatia Edit Delete
2 months ago (2018-03-20 15:57:19 +0400) 81221383133 Edit Delete
2 months ago (2018-03-18 21:38:07 +0400) 84117564181 Edit Delete
9 months ago (2017-08-28 18:28:45 +0400) 0507937922 Private House in Dubai Organizing a low key 40th birthday party in a cuban theme Edit Delete
about 1 year ago (2017-04-11 15:27:35 +0400) 0507746129 anywhere Smart, handsome and hardworking Boy available as waiter or helper anywhere in UAE. Ready to travel and do any work Contact 0507746129 reff Mr Leo Franco Edit Delete
over 1 year ago (2017-02-24 10:50:53 +0400) 0559832756 Dubai and Abu dhabi Venue for a full day on 7th of April in dubai. Same for 8th of April in Abu Dhabi Banking on 30-50 attendees both days. Coffees and lunch included. A good place for us to host a whole day workshop. Thank you Edit Delete
over 1 year ago (2017-02-22 16:04:28 +0400) 0503510427 Edit Delete
over 1 year ago (2017-01-31 10:38:33 +0400) 052 755 5126 Could you please send me your event catalogue? Edit Delete
over 1 year ago (2016-10-07 17:10:05 +0400) 971551029798 Barsha Hi! I'm wondering if there is any company that can do the cake for a 6 year old birthday in addition to individual food boxes for children to eat their snack from? Enough for 20 children. Cake would be enough for 40 people Edit Delete
over 1 year ago (2016-09-20 11:43:28 +0400) 0564174942 N/a I would like to buy a virtual messenger. Can you source this for me? Thanks Edit Delete
almost 2 years ago (2016-07-01 12:35:50 +0400) 971564128789 Edit Delete
almost 2 years ago (2016-06-04 10:56:32 +0400) RAK For styled shoots in the desert and the mountains I am looking for luxurrious Brides dresses, grooms outfit to hire. and flowers (brides bouquet) and extra loose flowers as deco. ideally to hire as well if they are artificial, if not then to buy. I hope you could point me into the right direction. Edit Delete
about 2 years ago (2016-05-25 15:26:28 +0400) 0505581482 Hello, I hope this email finds you well. I am the Photo Editor for the sister companies Savoir Flair and Styly Dylan Essertier shared your information with me, as e have just done a feature on your services and published it on Savoir Flair. I handle all our in-house photo and video shoots. I am emailing you in regards to a potential video collaboration we would like to work with you on. The concept is of an energetic 'dance' video. Here are some things I know so far: - We hope to shoot on June 7 - We need a lit up floor like this: - Any similar options would be great - We will shoot in a studio Waiting for your kind reply. Best, Maya Edit Delete
about 2 years ago (2016-05-24 16:20:43 +0400) 00971505515884 Edit Delete